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    If you are looking for a Mesa divorce attorney, look no further. The qualified, experienced divorce attorneys at AZ Family Law Team will supply you with top-notch legal services. We will work to obtain the best possible settlement for you in your divorce or family law case.

    Divorce and family law cases can encompass a variety of complex issues, such as property division, child custody or conservatorship, spousal maintenance and alimony. Therefore, you need a competent, skilled Mesa divorce attorney on your side. The knowledgeable lawyers making up AZ Family Law Team will offer you the needed supervision of your case and advice to ensure that you will obtain the most favorable result possible.

    These Mesa divorce lawyers will work tirelessly to comprehend all of the matters involved in your divorce or family law case and give you efficient, effective representation. If you would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our talented Mesa divorce attorneys, get in touch AZ Family Law Team.

    What Can AZ Family Law Team Offer You?

    Our Divorce Services

    The divorce attorneys who make up AZ Family Law Team will take on your divorce or family law case on an individual basis and figure out the particular matters for which you need legal representation. We offer a variety of divorce and family law services to fit the needs of various types of clients. Therefore, we offer the following choices of legal divorce and family law services

    1. Full Legal Representation

    As seasoned Mesa divorce attorneys, we can offer you complete and skillful legal representation that will address every issue encountered within your family law or divorce case. Some of the tasks that we will accomplish for you in doing so are assembling and filing all legal documentation with the court, deliberating with other attorneys if necessary, and representing your legal interests in all court matters. Although this is the most expensive option of legal services that we offer, it will give you the most comprehensive legal expertise while representing you in your Mesa family or divorce case.

    2. Consultation On Your Legal Matter

    The Mesa divorce attorneys comprising AZ Family Law Team also offer you another choice, which is that of consultation on your legal matter only. This option involves meeting you a divorce attorney who can provide you with a legal appraisal of your family law or divorce case. Such a choice is recommended for clients who wish to represent themselves during their court case, but still want a competent legal evaluation of their divorce case by an expert in Mesa divorce cases.

    3. Representation in Limited Areas

    The third choice that we, the Mesa divorce attorneys of AZ Family Law Team, can offer you is to provide you with representation in limited, specific areas of your case only. This could occur if you choose to represent yourself for most of your family law or divorce case but have some more challenging areas involved in your case that you don’t feel comfortable handling alone. This option offers you a cheaper choice, provided you don’t mind handling a large part of your divorce case on your own.

    4. Fee for Service Option

    The fourth and least expensive option that AZ Family Law Team offers you in the handling of your divorce case is to perform services for fees. You will pay for each legal service as we handle it, instead of paying us a big retainer payment upfront. If you have little money to spend but still want the finest legal representation from a qualified Mesa divorce attorney, this is the best option for you to choose.

    Practice Areas in Which We Specialize

    Although we are Mesa divorce attorneys, as our name specifies, we at AZ Family Law Team practice in various areas having to do with family law, not only divorce. We can also assist you with child custody issues, spousal support, child visitation, and much more. Contact AZ Family Law Team for a free consultation to discuss your family law issues with a qualified Mesa attorney. Read on for a taste of just a few of the issues in family law that we cover.

    Hear Directly From One of Our Team Members

    The Lawyers Of AZ Family Law Team

    Some years back, I encountered a particularly tricky and complex family law issue in my own personal life. I was completely clueless and did not know where to go, what to do or who to consult. The only relief I found was through discussing my important matter with a family law lawyer. The conversation that we had about this made me feel much more at ease and knowledgeable about my next steps. My desire to help others experience this same feeling of assuagement of serious family-related concerns fueled my decision to go to law school and become a family law attorney myself. I feel a deep love for family law due to my own experiences with a good family law attorney, along with my need to assist another folk who may currently be going through serious family matters.”

    Anticipating Your First Meeting With a Mesa Divorce Attorney

    (1) Set Aside Enough Time for the First Meeting

    You can expect to spend about 60 minutes in your first meeting with a Mesa divorce attorney. We, the competent and skillful lawyers making up AZ Family Law Team, realize that we have to take the time to get to know your individual divorce case and/or family law issues that are at stake. We will not rush through your first meeting with us. We want to fully understand your case by the time we have ended our first meeting with you. We also want you to comprehend your own rights and legal choices by the time we have concluded our initial consultation with you. You will be surprised how quickly the hour encompassing our first meeting goes by.

    (2) Don’t Fear Your Emotions

    YThe Mesa divorce lawyers making up AZ Family Law Team comprehend that the issues involved in your divorce or other family law matter will evoke powerful feelings. You must emotionally prepare yourself to be able to talk with us about all of the necessary issues. We realize that you will be discussing some overwhelming, heavy concerns with us and talking about feelings that you might never have expressed to anyone else. We vow to keep your information completely confidential and treat you with the utmost in sensitivity. Your emotions, thoughts and feelings are just as important as the facts that we will be discussing. Therefore, please don’t feel afraid of completely expressing yourself during your initial consultation.

    (3) Assemble All Necessary Records and Documents

    YWhile you are getting ready for your first meeting with a Mesa divorce attorney, remember to gather all of the necessary records and documents that pertain to your legal action. Be prepared to bring in any type of records, orders or other documents that the court might have given you. In particular, you will need information on you and your spouse’s assets, debts and income. We will request any other documents that we feel are vital to our representation in your family law case. These could include a divorce summons, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, domestic violence incident documentation and protection orders, if they exist.

    (4) Consider Your Goals

    YPrior to your first meeting with a Mesa divorce attorney who is part of AZ Family Law Team, consider what your ultimate goals are in the satisfaction of your legal matter. Are there specific things that you would prefer to have achieved by the end of the case? Are there concessions that you would be willing to make in order to achieve these goals? Are you ready to be totally open and truthful with your Mesa divorce attorney so that he or she can achieve the optimal outcome in your case? Being completely honest with your lawyer is key to attaining your desired results.

    YGive one of the friendly lawyers of AZ Family Law Team a call and schedule your first complimentary meeting to discuss your divorce case. Our qualified and experienced Mesa divorce attorneys will provide you with the most effective, competent representation in your divorce or family law case. Taking that initial step and contacting us is your first leap towards resolution of what has likely been a very stressful, time-consuming matter for you.

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